Weather: forecasts for Saturday and Sunday, first weekend of July

The first week of July presents a differentiated weather between North and South as explains. In the northern regions, after a few days of heat but with scattered thunderstorms, the pressure will begin to increase while the thunderstorms will drop towards the South. Saturday there will be unstable weather on the Adriatic regions, on Lazio (possible thunderstorms in Rome) and on most of the peninsular South , while it will be sunny in the North. Sunday also good weather in the Center, while thunderstorms will focus instead on Calabria, Basilicata and locally on Puglia.

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Saturday 4th July

Morning characterized by residual rainfall in the Northeast, but improving rapidly. As the hours pass, the weather will worsen in the Center, with the risk of heavy thunderstorms especially in the Marche, Abruzzo, Lazio with thunderstorms even up to Rome. Later Eastern Campania, Basilicata and Puglia, especially the Ionian area, will be involved. Due to the strong contrasts that will be created between different masses of air (hot and humid in the low layers and cool at high altitude), the development of imposing storm cells with the possibility of hailstorms, storms and strong winds is not excluded. In the evening the storm phase will gradually subside. The rest of the country has stable and sunny weather, in a decidedly more pleasant general climate as temperatures will not exceed 30 degrees in the Center-North, warmer in the South.

Sunday 5th July

Residual rainfall and some thunderstorms over Calabria and Basilicata. Temperatures will rise again above 30 C in the Center-North (33-34 C in Florence and Rome), in Campania and Sicily. Strong winds from the northern quadrants that in this first weekend of July will sweep most of the coasts.

July 3, 2020 (change July 3, 2020 | 4:42 PM)



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