Weather: forecasts for Thursday 2 July

The sky will continue to be sunny in the Center-South, while in the North thunderstorms will become more frequent, both on the hills and in the evening on the plain. These are the predictions of the technicians


The hottest and muggiest areas will be those of Emilia, with peaks of 35-36 ° C in Reggio Emilia and in the Ferrara area. On the rest of the regions peaks on average of 33-34 degrees. Thunderstorm phenomena will appear starting from the Alpine and pre-Alpine reliefs, but in rapid extension also to the flat areas, albeit in an unorganized way, with leopard spots. Locally the showers can be intense, due to the clash between hot and cold air masses.

Center and Sardinia

General conditions of good weather with the sky that will be clear or at most slightly cloudy on all regions. Noteworthy possible rain showers on the Abruzzo and southern Marche hills. Weak winds from variable directions, slightly choppy or almost calm seas. The greatest peaks of heat will touch in the innermost areas of Sardinia where it will also reach 42 degrees.

South and Sicily

Forty degrees also Syracuse, Agrigento and the Foggia area. Only a few degrees less than the rest of the South. The African anticyclone continues to provide clear or at least cloudy skies. Weak winds that will blow from variable directions.

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