Currently, temperatures are on average 9 to 10 degrees above seasonal norms for one month in October.

October 11 the hottest of the last 70 years

Thursday was the 11th of October the hottest of the last 70 years, with a national average temperature of 18.8 ° C. That is a temperature "far exceeding the previous record, namely 17.8 ° C on October 11, 1995", according to Météo-France.
In Burgundy, we noted 27.8 ° C in Nevers Thursday 11 October. For the record, the previous record of 26.5 ° C was dated October 16, 2017.

© Lionel VADAM / MaxPPP
© Lionel VADAM / MaxPPP

29.4 degrees to Nevers on October 12!

The day of Friday, October 12 was even hotter. "After October 10, there were never temperatures as warm Nevers side with 29.4 ° C "says Marion Pirat, a weather forecaster at Météo-France, much more than Bordeaux (28.8 ° C) or Nancy (26.5 ° C).

The day of Saturday will stay very sweet and sunny on the whole of France, but "we should not beat these records again this weekend," said the forecaster, even if it should "be played a few tenths" degrees.

The arrival of rain by the west Saturday, October 13 should bring down temperatures. This refreshment will be widespread throughout France Sunday, October 14.


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