Weather – Offenbach am Main – Eintracht final in Europe’s hotspot – Panorama

Offenbach (dpa/lhe) – As if football fans weren’t already feverish: According to the German Weather Service, the Europa League final in Seville in southern Spain will literally be a hot event. “Seville is Europe’s hotspot on Wednesday,” said DWD spokesman Andreas Friedrich on Tuesday in his meteorological game forecast. With an expected maximum temperature of 37 degrees, there will be no hotter temperatures in the other southern European cities either. At kick-off there should still be 33 degrees. “It would be good to think about sun protection and to drink a lot,” recommended the DWD spokesman – whereby one or the other water or other non-alcoholic drink is advisable.

For those who follow the game at the public viewing in the Frankfurt stadium or in the city, the weather conditions are ideal with a sunny 27 to 28 degrees during the day and 23 to 24 degrees at kick-off. Even the occasional cloud shouldn’t mean cloudiness.

Should the cup dreams come true and tens of thousands of Eintracht players celebrate on Thursday at the Römer in Frankfurt, this could be accompanied by bang effects. A storm front that could come from the west in the late afternoon worries the meteorologists if it actually passes over Frankfurt. “When up to 100,000 people are gathered and a storm with thunder and lightning is overhead, that’s critical,” said Friedrich. However, since storm conditions are very mobile, it is also possible that the storm will avoid Frankfurt. Precise predictions are currently difficult.

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