Weather – Offenbach am Main – Saxony prepares for heat wave – Panorama

Leipzig / Dresden (dpa / sn) – monkey heat not only in the zoo: If the temperatures regularly crack the 30-degree mark in the coming days, it is also for the Saxons “stay cool”. The German Weather Service in Leipzig predicts peak values ​​of up to 36 degrees Celsius for the Free State on Saturday. In the coming days, too, the temperatures should be between 33 and 35 degrees Celsius – and that with mostly cloud-free skies. Clouds are in short supply as a source of shade, said meteorologist Florian Engelmann from the German Weather Service in Leipzig. Cumulus clouds could only occur in the mountains. The probability that a downpour will cool down is extremely low.

In view of the temperatures, the outdoor pools and bathing waters in Saxony expect a rush at the weekend. The city of Dresden warned that not all water points are suitable for a cool bath. “Even if midsummer temperatures are so tempting: fountains and water features are not bathing and paddling pools,” said the city. Bathing there is not only prohibited and unhygienic, but also dangerous. In the water basins of the fountain there is a risk of injury, for example from steel overflow edges, nozzles and spotlights. There are also dangers from broken glass and other rubbish. Anyone who can still not do it, must expect fines of up to 1000 euros.

In the Muldentalbad in Kleinbothen (district of Leipzig) you expect a lot of crowds at the weekend. So far, most of the visitors had come on August 1st – 754 bathers spread over the day. According to the hygiene concept, a maximum of 593 people are allowed to stay in the facility at the same time this season. The flow of visitors is registered at the entrance via a barrier. “There are some precautions that have to be observed so that everyone stays healthy. But so far everyone has adhered to the precautionary measures wonderfully,” reported employee Daniel Zarnikow. At the moment the water in the Muldentalbad is actually still refreshing. Thanks to the cool nights in the past few days, the water temperature has been a pleasant 21 degrees.

The animal parks and zoos also react to the heat. “We are already trying to make it as comfortable as possible for our animals,” said the Leipzig zoo speaker Maria Saegebarth. The elephants or the tigers would visit the water basin more often these days to cool off, the rhinos would be hosed down with the garden hose. The animals would always have the opportunity to withdraw into the shade or backwards. And there are also cool inserts for food – for example, frozen fruit and vegetables come into the food bowl as an ice bomb. The Görlitz Zoo also makes use of this. Zoo spokeswoman Isa Plath especially experienced the porcupines as outspoken water rats: “They don’t want to leave the garden hose at all.”

The heat worries the people in the forest. The risk of fire increases. The map with the forest fire warning levels “reddened” more and more for this weekend. The color red stands for the second highest warning level 4 (high danger) and applies to the entire district of Zwickau, as well as parts of the districts of Bautzen, Leipziger Land, northern Saxony, central Saxony and Meißen at the weekend. In a part of northern Saxony even the highest level purple (very high risk) applies.

Meanwhile, the city of Dresden provides support for people who are homeless and therefore particularly suffer from the heat. “The social welfare office has sufficiently well-tempered and safe accommodation for people without shelter: eight dormitories with a total of 322 places and 29 apartments with 66 places,” announced the city. Those in need could also stay there during the day, shower, drink tea and do laundry. In addition, you can fill up drinking water in many places in the city. The city asked for help: “Anyone who notices a helpless person in the blazing sun should speak to them and ask if they need help and, if in doubt, call the emergency services on 112.”