Weather – Offenbach am Main – Sun and temperatures above 20 degrees expected in Hesse – Panorama

Offenbach (dpa/lhe) – People can look forward to a warm and often dry weekend in Hesse be happy. On Friday it was clear to cloudy, wrote the German Weather Service (DWD). There shouldn’t be any rain. The temperatures are therefore at maximum values ​​of 17 to 20 degrees and in the mountains at maximum values ​​of 12 to 16 degrees. In addition, there is a weak to moderate wind, said the DWD.

It looks similar on Saturday: it is cloudy, but mostly stays dry – during the day at most a few light showers are possible. The thermometer shows a maximum of 18 to 22 degrees and 14 to 17 degrees in the mountains. In addition, there is a weak to moderate wind, which occasionally gets gusty in the higher mountains.

On Sunday it was initially cloudy and more widespread without precipitation, the DWD announced. From the afternoon, however, isolated showers and thunderstorms are possible, and heavy rain cannot be ruled out. According to the DWD, the temperatures are rising to a maximum of 24 to 27 degrees and at least up to 21 degrees in the highlands of the low mountain ranges. In addition, there is usually a moderate wind, which, however, freshens up gusty in the vicinity of rain showers.

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2023-05-19 07:00:00

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