Weather Rennes: Our forecast for Wednesday September 28, 2022

Advice, ideas, tourist information and weather forecasts for Rennes.

Discover our hour-by-hour weather forecast for Rennes for today and tomorrow. The highest temperature of the day will be 16°C. The day will officially start at 08:00 in Rennes.

Plan to take an umbrella this morning so as not to be surprised by the many showers. It will be cool (12° Celsius). A northwesterly breeze will blow at 14km/h.

There will still be showers in the afternoon. It will be good (14° Celsius).

The sky will be gray tonight but it should not rain. It will be cool (11° Celsius).

Tonight, sunset will arrive at 7:52 p.m., marking the end of the day.

The weather will be gray and rainy tomorrow at the start of the day with multiple showers. Temperatures will be cool with only 11 degrees. A West-North-West breeze will blow at an average of 11km/h. The day will officially start tomorrow at 08:02 in Rennes.

No embellishment for the afternoon, the big drizzles will still be there. You will have a good time thanks to the correct temperatures (15° Celsius).

On our dedicated site, you can consult more precise data on tomorrow’s weather hour by hour in Rennes. The 15-day weather forecast for Rennes is also available as well as forecasts for this weekend in Rennes. Also consult the department’s weather map (Ille-et-Vilaine).