WEATHER REPORT. Snow expected in Auvergne to the plain

Winter weather awaits us from Thursday 25 November in Auvergne. Snow is expected in the plains, according to Météo France. Snowfall is also expected in the Allier, Cantal, Haute-Loire and Puy-de-Dôme during the weekend of November 27.

From this Thursday, November 25, snowfall is expected in Auvergne. During the night from Thursday to Friday, November 26, it will be able to snow as far as the plains. A Météo France forecaster indicates: “ The weather will remain disturbed until Monday with the snow falling lower and lower. Today, Auvergne is affected by rainy upsurges from a depression in the Mediterranean. It snows on the reliefs above 1,500 m. The rain-snow limit will start to fall in the evening, under the influence of polar air (a phenomenon called “cold drop”) descending over the region. “. Snowflakes can be seen as far as the plain during the next night. But this precipitation will be weaker and weaker. They have little chance of holding on to the ground before an altitude of 700 m.

Some 2 to 3 cm of snow can accumulate at most on the reliefs. The day of Friday November 26 will be gray with rare showers bringing again some flakes without consequences above 500 to 700 m. A new winter offensive takes place on Friday evening. The Météo France forecaster continues: “ An active disturbance brings continuous precipitation throughout the night. They fall as snow beyond 500 to 600 m. This should hold on the ground from 600 to 700 m. In the night that follows, it will fall about ten cm at an altitude of 1000 m on Cantal and Puy-de-Dôme, locally up to 20 cm on the Monts du Cantal and the Sancy massif. “. Rains or showers follow one another all day Saturday, November 27 with snow at very low altitude (200-300 m). It falls another 5 to 10 cm around 1000m, up to 20 cm on the reliefs. On Sunday November 28, scattered showers brought snow to any altitude. They sprinkle the soils in plain and bring 5 to 10 cm of additional accumulation on the plateaus and the reliefs of Auvergne.

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A warm spell is expected from Monday, November 29. The snow limit will go up in the mountains from Tuesday, November 30. Temperatures will cool: Friday, November 26, we expect 1 degree in Clermont-Ferrand, 2 degrees in Aurillac. Saturday November 27, it will be 2 degrees in Moulins, 3 degrees in Clermont-Ferrand, 2 degrees in Puy-en-Velay and 1 degree in Saint-Flour.

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