Weather report. The good weather and the summer heat will last in Dijon and Côte-d’Or

On this Friday, May 13, the sun is returning to Côte-d’Or, as the unstable front that caused the rains and gray weather on Thursday is finally clearing away. If last clouds remained present this morning, especially in the southern half of the department, they will therefore disappear during the day.

The weekend will see the return of the summer temperatures that marked a good part of the week. “It will be a very beautiful weekend”, explains MétéoNews, “with high pressure conditions and very beautiful sunshine”.

Temperatures are expected to reach, at the height of the day, 27°C on Saturday and even 29°C on Sunday. But a little stormy instability is to be expected Sunday evening, in a localized way, in the Morvan and on the border between the Côte-d’Or and the Yonne.

Quid of the next week ?

This summer weather should continue for a good part of next week even if, again on Monday, we will have to expect some localized thunderstorms. Tuesday and Wednesday will be characterized by good weather and maximum temperatures that will fluctuate between 28 and 30°C. This streak could end on Thursday and Friday, with the return of rainy weather and thunderstorms.