Weather: summer is coming … this week!


BEAUTIFUL TIME – You will (finally) be able to put away the big sweaters and the coats: the spring, the true one, settles on the whole country this week. In some regions, we will even go directly to the summer with temperatures close to 30 ° C in the afternoon! 2018-04-16T07: 30: 00.000Z – Guillaume WOZNICA While Area C has been on vacation since Friday night, like Zone A students, they will have never worn their name with a weather forecast this week. On Tuesday, the anticyclone will position itself between Denmark and Germany, guaranteeing a dry and sunny weather over a large part of the European continent and therefore in France.

If the thunderstorms are generous Tuesday, the days of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be particularly sunny with a sky most often cleared. Only one small nuance, however, is to bring with a risk of thunderstorms on the reliefs of the Alps, Pyrenees and Corsica during the afternoon. The first 30 ° C of the year in the southwest With the return of this sun, it is also the arrival of the first heat of the season – the heat threshold is set at 25 ° C in weather – in most regions in the middle and the end of next week. Afternoon temperatures will be 10 to 12 ° C above seasonal norms. Thus, the first 30 ° C of the year that appear statistically in France on May 9 could already concern Aquitaine.

In Paris, thermometers are expected to climb to 27 ° C in the shade next Thursday, a temperature worthy of a month of July … More than spring, so it’s a taste of summer that awaits us next week ! Holidays: sea or mountain? In this holiday period, many people will take the opportunity to leave for a few days at the sea or in the mountains. If you choose the first option, it is on the shores of the Atlantic that it will be the hottest with peaks close to 30 ° C on beaches of the Basque Country and the Landes. The coast of the Channel will not be left with values ​​up to 25 ° C on the Normandy coastline, a few degrees higher than in the Mediterranean where sea air will limit the rise of thermometers …

Conversely, if you want to ski a few ski slopes for the last time this season, many winter sports resorts are still open, especially since the snow was excellent this winter, and even exceptional in some mountains of the Alps. If skiing in a T-shirt is tempting, caution must still be put in place due to a high risk of avalanches in the Pyrenees and especially the Alpine arc, with snow becoming more and more wet due to the sharp rise in temperatures.

For everyone and for all destinations, the advice is the same: enjoy it! The weather conditions could (already) deteriorate from the weekend of 21 and 22 April … Guillaume WOZNICA Update : created:


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