Weather: TEMPERATURE, heat anomalous without end. But not for ALL, that's why

Still abnormal heat over the next weekStill abnormal heat over the next weekIn these last days the temperatures, accomplices the southern winds, hot and humid, have been maintained everywhere widely above the seasonal averages: starting from Monday, November 12th, Italy will be conquered by a moderate African high pressure camp, and the mercury column will undergo a further surge. Be careful, however, the anticyclone will not guarantee mild and sunny weather for everyone: let's find out why.

From Monday we will see a rather evident and anomalous thermal rise for the period, especially in the Center-South, where it will not be rare to touch 22-23 ° C in Rome, Naples, Bari, while al North the thermal values ​​can rise up to 20 ° C, but not on the northern plain areas. Why?

The stagnation of cold air in the lower layers of the atmosphere, in the presence of a moderate high pressure field, in a closed area like the Po Valley, provokes in fact the appearance of the fog; the anticyclone then, with the passing of the days, tends to grow old more and morecold air it stays long in the lower layers, remaining there for the whole day.
This will happen above all, as mentioned, in the Po Valley and in the Veneto region, where the sun will hardly manage to peep out between the thick mist and the thermal values ​​at Milan, Bologna, Padua, Rovigofor example, they will not exceed i 14-15 ° C. Therefore, it will be warmer in the Center-South and along the hills compared to the northern areas of the land.



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