Weather: the sun is coming, but is it really the beginning of summer?


After long months of cold, gray, rain and snow, the sun seems to want to make a comeback! Indeed, Météo France forecasts temperatures of up to 26 degrees in the south of France and the capital for the middle of the week. What to suggest that summer is the tip of his nose. However, according to Patrick Galois, forecaster at Météo France, interviewed by Franceinfo, it is impossible to know if it is already the arrival of summer. “The term ‘summer’ is a little exaggerated … Certainly, locally, we can have temperatures that approach what we observe in summer – around 25 or 26 ° C in Paris for example – but if we had sun like that in summer, it would be even hotter and then the nights will be cooler than we know in summer, “he says. Too early to predict July and August temperatures It is also too early to predict whether we will have a great summer. “It’s not because we had a harsh winter that we will have a great summer, it’s absolutely not linked, it’s a popular belief,” Daniela Prepeliuc, weather reporter, told BFMTV. Nevertheless, she agrees that the winter has been very harsh and tiring in its cold. And yet, the month of January was very noticed by its softness. “We were in January at 4 ° or 5 ° above normal season,” confirms Daniela Prepeliuc. And yet, snowfall appeared very early in the season. “In December, we had red vigilance on the Alps, which had never happened in the history of Météo France,” says the weather reporter. But all this seems last to us. From Tuesday, the sun will be there for several days. But Patrick Galois already warns that these temperatures will not keep these levels until summer. “For now, we are not expecting a radical return to low temperatures for the next events, but in the coming weeks, we will certainly have temperatures below seasonal norms … and that’s normal. if I may say! ” It will therefore be good to enjoy this week! ON VIDEO – The dress of the Miss weather becomes transparent live!


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