Weather: towards the worst drought in our history!

The drought record observed in 1976 should fall this year.

After a particularly wet year 2021 marked, during the summer, by catastrophic and deadly floods, are we going to experience a historic year in terms of drought? The precipitation curves recorded in recent weeks seem to be trending towards a record low, while the forecasts for the next few days are hardly favorable to an improvement in the situation. So much so that the record of 1976, the driest spring of the last 50 years according to statistics from the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM), could well be pulverized this year. “The situation clearly indicates that we are tending towards a surface drought which risks, in particular, being problematic for farmers and breeders.confides Pascal Mormal, meteorologist at the IRM. And the forecasts for the next few days are not excellent in this regard. The weather is expected to remain generally very dry until the end of May.”

The precipitation that affected certain areas of the country overnight from Wednesday to Thursday should not fundamentally change the situation. Just like the storms that could affect our country on Sunday evening and Monday. “There could also be a few localized thunderstorms at the end of the month, but this is not what should make up for the precipitation deficits recorded for several weeks.



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