Website sanctioned in China for doubting anticovid treatment with traditional medicine

First modification: 11/08/2022 – 12:40

Pekin (AFP) – Chinese authorities have banned a popular medical information site from postings that questioned the efficacy of a covid treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine promoted by the authorities, the portal reported Thursday.

The DXY website, which offers numerous health services and counts Chinese internet giant Tencent as a shareholder, questioned the therapeutic virtues of the remedy, known as Lianhua Qingwen, in an article that it later deleted.

But now the site is not allowed to post to at least five of its social networks, due to a “violation of laws and regulations,” DXY’s Weibo account noted, without specifying the violation.

Lianhua Qingwen is a medicinal liquid based on honeysuckle and apricot kernels that was used against covid during the Shanghai lockdown between the end of March and the beginning of June.

Chinese President Xi Jinping called traditional medicine a “treasure of Chinese civilization” in 2019 and instructed it to be as influential as modern medicine.

The supposed virtues of traditional medicine are regularly praised by the government.

Contacted by AFP, the Chinese medical information specialist did not immediately respond.

Several countries, including the United States, expressed doubts about the efficacy of Lianhua Qingwen to treat covid-19, pointing to a lack of scientific evidence.