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Thursday, 05/17/2018
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Unchecked exuberance can be Prince Harry and his future wife Meghan Markle do not blame. They do not want wedding gifts, donations; the floral decoration should come from the region; In addition to numerous celebrities, many British citizens are invited.

It is the details that give the impression of being a royal one wedding is expensive. For example, the gold border of the invitation cards. What does the wedding cost? Who is paying? Answers at a glance.

What will the wedding cost?

For the calculation of the festival, there is no official information. Aimee Dunne, wedding planner from London, goes out loud ” CNN “That would be a conservative estimate – without considering any safety measures – and then the price could quickly go into the millions.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle:
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Bridebook, a British wedding planner, estimates the cost to be the same 36 million euros 34 million of them are therefore security measures.

This would move Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the usual context of the Windsors: The wedding of cottage and Prince William should be loud CBS costing about $ 34 million, Williams’ parents Prince Charles and Diana cost the 1981 celebrations around £ 30 million, as the New York Times “These figures are estimates that have not been confirmed by the official.

Who will pay the wedding?

However high the bill will be, the royal family will pay for a good part of the fixed costs. The Kensington Palace announced in November 2017 that you will pay for “central things” such as music, flowers, decoration and reception.

The most expensive part of the wedding, the security measures, must, however, be financed from the state treasury. So it was at the wedding of Kate and William in 2011, as the British government then announced ,

Whether and how much the bride’s family will pay is unknown. Katie Nicholl, author of a biography of Prince Harry, said that Meghan Markle also wanted to get involved – like the Cost of the dress ,

The wealthy family of Kate Middleton have put a lot of value on a cost-sharing, wrote the newspaper “The Daily Telegraph” in 2011. A six-figure sum should be the Middletons of the ” Vanity Fair “According to have contributed.

Is the festival still a good business for the British?

Believing the consulting firm Brand Finance from London, the wedding is a godsend for the British economy. Sold T-shirts, fully booked hotels: Converted 570 million euros in revenue could produce the festival, it said in a first assessment.

Later, the consultants revised their estimate upwards. Also, according to the New York Times, because the press release on the first estimate so struck. “People turned around,” said a newspaper manager. Never before has so much been reported about a company report.

The experts now assume that the wedding of the British economy brings the equivalent of 1.13 billion euros. This shows how quickly estimates can change – and that they should be treated with caution.

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Royal weddings:
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According to Brand Finance, more than half of the total comes from the pockets of visitors who spend the night in London, taking bus and eating lunch; another third is therefore worth the attention the wedding generates for the “United Kingdom brand”, for example in newspaper articles or TV reports.

Also in the bill: the ” Meghan effect “Whenever the actress shows a British product in public, that’s advertising.” For example, the 36-year-old wore a bag from Scottish firm Strathberry on her first appearance after the engagement. NYT “sold out eleven minutes later, the number of visitors to the company website rose by five thousand percent.

Where do the royals get their money from?

Every year, the royal family receives part of the money from the state, which the crown estate generates. Behind it lies a huge economic empire, which includes land, forests, wind farms, salmon farms, shopping centers and real estate in a prime location. The value: converted almost 15 billion euros ,

The crown good belongs to the head of the royal family, as long as he or she rules , currently Queen Elizabeth II, however, it’s not her private fortune, she can not sell it. The profit from the management of the property is not her. The portfolio is managed by an independent organization and the profits go to the British Ministry of Finance.

Last year, the share that the royal family received was converted 48.7 million euros ; the sum is called “Sovereign Grant”.

What is the money used for?

With this sum, British taxpayers are financing the life of the Queen and her family. The money flowed especially in the wages the more than 400 employees of the royal family and the maintenance of the real estate. For travel of the Royals fell according to official data converted about five million euros.

Critics have been pointing out for years that the actual costs are much higher. The non-governmental organization Republic, which wants to abolish the monarchy, claims that security measures alone cost 100 million pounds a year. The group refers to media reports – there is no official confirmation for this number.

In addition, the money from the ownership of the duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall flows directly into the pockets of the royals. Both recently generated surpluses totaling around 40 million pounds. If one considers these and other items, the lobby group Republic, the monarchy costs the taxpayer 345 million pounds in the year; the equivalent of 392 million euros.


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