Wedding, sexy on the beach and farewell

29.5. 8:10

We often don’t see her in public. However, when Martin Škrtel’s wife shows up, it’s worth it. Sexy Barbora was also present at her husband’s farewell to a professional career.

Barbora does not present herself publicly on social networks. Nevertheless, she is the center of attention when she appears next to her husband. In 2012, the couple said yes, but Mrs. Škrtelová shone not only at her wedding, but also at the wedding of football player Adam Nemec six years later, when she irritated the looks of those present with her nipples.

Barborin’s breasts were the number one topic in 2014. During Škrtel’s work in Liverpool, the paparazzi photographers took the couple on the beach, at which time they caught Barbora without it. Skeletons love a holiday by the sea, and a football player often brags about shots of them. Barbora often reveals irritating tattoos directly on intimate parties, as she peeks out from under an economical swimsuit.

Mrs. Škrtelová could not miss the match between Trnava and Dunajská Streda, which was a farewell to her professional career for her husband. Sexi Barbora shone right on the field and also enjoyed the night afterparty after the match.