Wednesdays for children in the Tujac district with the Tucss association

Since the start of the school year, the editorial staff of France 3 Limousin has been providing a series of reports dedicated to priority neighborhoods. From Limoges to Guéret, and from Brive to the Tujac district of Corrèze, we meet the people who live, work and animate these neighborhoods.

Spread over 34 hectares, south of the Corrèze river, Tujac is home to 2,668 inhabitants (source SIG-ville), with a poverty rate of nearly 48%. Young people make up more than 35% of the population.

At the heart of the district is the TUCSS (cultural, social and sporting Tujac) association, which has around forty active volunteers and has been in existence since 1975. This organization has become a key player in the district and is supported by all the institutions. The TUCSS provides entertainment for children, young people and families in the districts to the west of Brive and the surrounding area.

On Wednesdays, the TUCSS offers a range of activities for children, including a robotic workshop. This provides a great opportunity for the children of Tujac to learn, have fun, and interact with each other.