WEEK-END RELEASE – Nocturnes d’Anglet: a comeback with a bang

And for a return with fanfare the programming has been carefully concocted. Indeed, with headliners such as Amir, the Green Negresses and Lilly Wood & The Prick, Anglet wins the trifecta in order. The concerts take place in the open air in the magnificent setting of the garden of the Grotte de la chambre d’Amour, and to top it off, it’s free! Why deprive yourself…

To get you in shape, this Friday we started nicely with DJ Set Henny de Bassy, ​​then Tibz and the now famous group Lilly Wood & The Prick. Then this Saturday, the final bouquet with two major concerts, the Négresses Vertes and Amir.

A final bouquet of superior quality

The menu of this second evening, probably the most awaited by the public, will see 2 headliners perform and not the least. After a first part like the day before hosted by DJ Set Henny de Bassy, ​​it is the Négresses Vertes who will make you guincher. For those who don’t know them (hard to believe), this group mixes Mediterranean music with a guinguette style. Expect to jiggle on titles such as “Zobi the fly”, “Here is the summer” or even “Under the bodegas sun”. We are already humming…