Weight loss and hours of sleep: why these two factors are closely related to each other and how they affect health

You can lose weight without difficulty, just benefit from a good restful sleep. But how does this connection work?

A group of researchers has found that there is a close correlation between the sleep quality and the achievement or maintenance of ideal body weight. The experts conducted a study analyzing the habits of the participants, reaching a unique and incontrovertible conclusion.

Sleeping too much or too little has an impact on the hunger-satiety cycle and that is why those who suffer from insomnia or who sleep more than they should, are used to having problems overweight or obese. The reasons are to be found in the hormonal fluctuations that arise from not being able to enjoy the benevolent effects of a good rest, a term by which we mean that sleep that varies from 5 to 8 hours a night – neither more nor less.

Professionals have found that people who suffer from insomnia are more prone to gain excess weight, as lack of sleep promotes the production ofstress hormone, i.e. the cortisol which in turn increases the sense of hunger.

Sleeping too little or too little makes you fat, that’s why

That’s why the more you sleep, the more you will want to indulge compulsive binge eating, preferring junk food, because these foods are rich in sugar and give the sensation of receiving an immediate energy boost. If it is clear why not sleeping you accumulate weight, many do not explain why sleeping too much you risk gaining weight.

Not sleeping adequately can lead to weight problems –

Motivation is simpler than you might think. In fact, there is little time available for physical activity if most of the day is spent sleeping in bed. Therefore, according to the researchers who conducted the study, in order to lose weight effectively, it is essential to rest for a sufficient number of hours to ensure the recovery of strength and energy.

I sleep disorders in any case they should be brought to the attention of the medico and they should never be underestimated, since they could represent the indicator of more severe pathologies in progress, such as thyroid diseases or psychological disorders such as mood, anxiety or depressive disorders.

Taking charge of the problem, the specialist will indicate the tests to be carried out to rule out the presence of any disturbances and also recommend the most appropriate treatment to eliminate sleep-related problems and consequently also those concerning weight.

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