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Welcome 2020! | Christmas | THE COUNTRY


Olympic year, year of international football … You won't complain, dear armchair fan. The first big event is the European Championship, but this edition stands out for an important novelty: it is multisede in a big way, since it is played in no less than 12 stadiums in 11 countries, including Spain. La Roja plays two games at the Cathedral, the new San Mamés stadium, in Bilbao. And please, to forget that we are favorites in case we like the thing. A full little table, from June 12 to July 12. Good luck (and aim), Red!

With hardly any time to digest the joy, the chasco or a ni fu ni fa, inauguration of the Tokyo Olympics, on July 24. And you know how the Japanese are technological and precious, surely the ceremonies leave us with their mouths open. What does the crystal ball (the experts) predict for our athletes? Well, not bad, about 20 medals. But we must see it.

If you have preferred to give yourself an anthological tribute, change the armchair of your house for a seat in the stands, the hall for the stadium and you have entrance for any of these super-events, congratulations, enjoy and say hello when you approach a camera!

Where they will not have capacity problems will be in the country graced with the total solar eclipse scheduled at the end of the year, on December 14. And the winner is… Argentina !, specifically the provinces of Neuquén and Río Negro, although you can see the partial show in neighboring countries. The next time an eclipse of these characteristics occurs in that same region of the planet will be within a few calendars, 375 years of nothing.

But come on, if you have to admire it on TV and leave the getaway for a little closer, then we settle. It will not be for events. This year instead of suns we are visited by stars for all tastes, from Kiss or Queen in Madrid (July 5 and 7) to Bryan Ferry or Elton John in Barcelona (June 20 and October 2-3). Marc Anthony makes it easier and in June he will travel half of Spain from Santiago de Compostela to Valencia or from Oviedo to Fuengirola and Murcia, among other cities.

And speaking of Murcia, do not forget that it will be the gastronomic capital during all 2020, so that you go when you feel like it and you get off to some good michirones, some paparajotes or haute cuisine in the restaurant with two Michelin stars of the city.

But how we were going to forget the kids! Take them to Gijón, to the European Performing Arts Fair for boys and girls (now, from February 9 to 14), or to the next Circus of the Sun show, from spring. It still has no name, but they announce it in a perfect way for a day like today, first of the year: “Something new on the horizon”.

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