“Welcome to Europe? Yes, with the virus”. The video shock – Libero Quotidiano

The invasion has started again. And it is even more threatening, because this is it coronavirus status. Today, Thursday 2 July, ad Augusta 43 illegal immigrants were landed, eight of them positive at Covid-19. IS Matteo Salvini comments on the story with harsh tones, on social media, primarily by relaunching the impressive images of their arrival, including anti-infection suits and stringent security measures. “The government is silent and sleeping,” attacks the League leader. And again, point your finger at what you hear in the video: “Welcome to Europe”. “Yes, with the virus“, Salvini says polemically. So, in a second tweet:” Unfortunately confirmed what we asked this morning to inattentive Interior Minister: 8 positive to the virus among the 43 made landed yesterday in Sicily by the Ionian Sea, the ship of the social centers of Casarini and companions. “Finally the third chirping:” From the rest of Europe they look at us with pity, while human traffickers are rubbing their hands. The government? He is silent and asleep “, reiterates and concludes Matteo Salvini.


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