Welfare Pension today October 28: How, when and where? This you should know about the registration and bimonthly payments

La Welfare Pension is part of the 30 priority projects and programs of the Government of Mexico. Its main objective is to offer a better quality of life for the elderly with a bimonthly economic benefit.

How and where to apply for the Welfare Pension?

The Welfare Pension is requested through the Wellness Line (800-639-42-64). For now, the Secretary of Welfare The dates of the new registration period are not yet published.

How much is the bimonthly payment of the Welfare Pension?

The bimonthly payment of the Welfare Pension is 3,100 pesos.

What is the minimum age to enroll in the Welfare Pension?

The minimum age to enroll in the Welfare Pension is 65 to.

When and where will the registration modules for adults 65 years and older be?

The last registration period ended on September 12. Therefore, the registration modules for adults 65 years and older are no longer available.

When and where is the next Welfare Pension payment made?

The next payment of the Welfare Pension will be made during the first days of November and will be deposited in your Well-being card.

How can you withdraw the money from the Pension for adults 65 and over?

Pension money for adults 65 and over it can be withdrawn at the Banco del Bienestar. It is essential to go with your Welfare Card and its respective activation PIN.

Which two months are still to be paid for the Pension in 2021 and when will they be done?

Only the November-December two-month period remains to be paid in 2021. Payment will be made in the first days of November.


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