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International organizations such as the OECD – to which Colombia officially joined in 2020 – have investigated the well-being in the countries through measurements such as How’s Life ?, which analyzes 15 different dimensions, among which are health, housing, work and quality of employment, income and financial assets, social connections, balance of life, work and security. Within this report, specifically the chapter ‘How is life in Colombia?’ yielded good results in the indicator ‘satisfaction with life’, placing the country above the average with respect to the other 37 nations of the OECD, but at the same time, this document also evidenced findings in aspects such as the wage gap between genders and sensation security, to name a few

Well-being is a legitimate interest of all, however, with the passage of time its meaning has evolved in accordance with the needs and expectations of people, to the point of having as many meanings as there are people, since it is a constant concept change, unique and personal, mediated by the ways of conceiving the life of each individual.

In the midst of this panorama, entities such as Compensar, which for more than 42 years have accompanied their affiliates with solutions aimed at improving their quality of life, has been able to confirm that only to the extent that this approach is increasingly comprehensive, is it It is really possible to generate a significant impact on people and their environment, and for this it is essential to conceive the human being from a 360 vision.

Beyond the traditional way of defining health

In coherence with this postulate, for several years the entity has been working on the implementation of an innovative model of integrated care of health and cash services, which involves both health and physical conditioning professionals, stress management , personal finances, among others, and that, in the words of Jorge Guevara, manager of the Compensar health model, “is the great purpose that we have set for ourselves as an organization, through the creation of a comprehensive wellness ecosystem that transforms the experience of our users “adding that,” to serve our patients we have articulated the way in which health professionals (nurses, doctors, dentists or specialists) interact with well-being professionals (recreation, education and sports teachers), achieving a holistic view of people’s needs, which allows us to respond with an approach that transcends the traditional way of defining health”.

And it is that Compensating part of health as a fundamental aspect to ensure the integral well-being of people, and at the same time, is aware that this goes beyond the absence of disease, because to be well people require a balance in various aspects. “We do not understand health as the lack of disease, but as an opportunity to improve people’s quality of life by working towards their physical, mental, social and spiritual balance, explains Guevara.

In this way, well-being, which for some is having good health and for others, is summarized in the strengthening of relationships, healthy finances and even, in feelings of satisfaction and tranquility, acquires more and more sense, and to this extent , the entity directs efforts to identify the moment of life of each person, their challenges and future projects, to weave a series of solutions around it that provide them with the capabilities to make them come true, and that together contribute to their overall well-being.

This is how in Compensar, health and well-being have the same essence, and according to Juan Manuel Rivadeneira, Recreation, Education and Sports manager, “we deepen our global perspective, especially in the well-being and health units, thanks to which, we developed three flagship programs, which have allowed us to discover very favorable effects on people as their quality of life increases ”.

A comprehensive wellness network

The first of these programs is designed for the needs of the elderly (adults over 60 years of age) and involves activities directed by both health professionals and wellness teachers, focused on strengthening motor skills, stability and balance, relationship activities, among many others. In this case, pharmacological therapy in patients is maintained, whenever necessary, “while we promote what we call non-pharmacological therapy, oriented towards the implementation and strengthening of healthy habits,” adds Jorge Guevara, manager of the Make up health.

The second program focuses on the consolidation of its Integral Wellbeing Centers (CBI), which are light, versatile and located very close to where Compensar affiliates and their families live or work, facilitating their access to a service offer designed accordingly. with their characteristics, interests and particular needs, in which professionals from both disciplines also intervene, who seek to provide alternative solutions to their participants. “We are applying this methodology in the San Roque, Chía, Suba Integral and Autopista Sur headquarters, where affiliates with diagnoses of hypertension, obesity or diabetes, for example, are the object of a global intervention that involves physical activity and wellness programs. emotional, reporting significant improvements in their muscular strength, elasticity and weight ”, says Juan Manuel Rivadeneira.

The third is focused on serving the vulnerable population. Among the plans aimed at this segment, “Conscious Hearts” stands out, which includes 253 employees of Compensar with high cardiovascular risk, as well as open palliative care programs for people with terminal diagnoses, another for cancer survivors and one more , focused on the care of children with orphan or rare diseases. The latter, called “Brave Hearts”, coordinated in alliance with the Roosevelt Institute, thanks to which it has been possible to reduce, in this group of minors, hospitalizations in the Intensive Care Unit by 80 percent and emergencies in the order of 55 percent.

Active and healthy aging

A novelty within the care initiatives for the elderly is the construction that is currently being carried out by the entity of a Special Center for the elderly, in the municipality of Fusagasugá, Cundinamarca, with the capacity to accommodate 60 older adults under a residence model , with short and long stays.

“In addition to having a temperate climate that favors the health of the elderly, the Special Center of Fusagasugá has large green areas that will allow them to connect with nature, swimming pools, where they will work on motor activities directed by wellness teachers; excellent nutrition and constant stimulation through physical activity ”, assures Juan Manuel Rivadeneira.

Productive, healthy and happy citizens

At the end of 2021, Compensar expects to have directly impacted around 12,000 people with this model and will continue with the challenge of reaching its more than 4 million affiliates, both cash and health. “Currently, program participants fill out a self-perception survey of their well-being, before and after entering, and it is very gratifying to see that 90 percent of them improve their self-perception to positive levels of well-being. That is what we want to achieve with all the people who will be linked ”, points out Jorge Guevara.

And it is that when the well-being of people rises, their quality of life increases, and they are increasingly physically and emotionally suitable to face the challenges of the future, something that Compensar is clear about and for which it will continue to work tirelessly, ratifying their commitment through initiatives like these, which translate into productive, healthy and happy citizens.

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