Well-known brand jeans are retained in the port of San Antonio

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Accusing that they would eventually be counterfeited, a shipment of jeans from a well-known brand, imported by La Polar, were held at the port. Company will sue.

La Polar once again got into serious trouble and is accused of commercializing counterfeit clothingafter jeans of the well-known brand Wrangler, were retained in the port of San Antonio.

According to the first information, It would be 10,000 units that were confiscated, because it would preliminarily be counterfeit clothing. This is why the company will join the complaints against the department store.

Not only that, Wrangler would have applied another offensive against La Polar, asking the competent authorities to confiscate all clothing of its brand that is sold in the branches throughout the country, due to suspicions that would not be original either.

Chilean Customs will refer during this same day about this factwhich adds to the legal actions that have been taken against the multi-store by Adidas, Levi’s, Under Armour, Columbia and Nike.

And this press point would complicate La Polar even more, since the state body would join the complaints criminals against company executives.

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