Well known for health, is smoked salmon also a perfect diet companion?


Smoked salmon contains foods that provide both omega-3 and vitamin D as well as protein. In an interview with the released Dauphine, a doctor revealed that it was enough to consume this fish twice a week to improve the health of the heart, vessels and brain or even lose weight during a diet.

Smoked salmon is known for its health benefits, but it is not considered good for dieting because the amount of fat and its salt content causes water retention. So should salmon be excluded from party tables if we follow a diet? Does smoked salmon have hidden fat?

According to Laurence Plumey, a nutritionist who specializes in obesity in adults and children, interviewed by the liberated Le Dauphine, the qualities of salmon make it an essential fish because it is necessary to eat oily fish: it does not There are not many foods that can provide so much vitamin D and omega-3 type EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

Just eat salmon twice a week in addition to another fatty fish to prevent cardiovascular disease, ensure the composition of cell membranes, improve blood clotting, the connection of neurons between them or even the heart rate says the doctor.

In addition, she believes that "the excess salt is not so much due to the consumption of salty foods like smoked salmon because it remains occasional, but rather because of the habits of those people who add salt, all days, on their plate, or who consume salted products every day.

As for possible hidden fats, the specialist explained on a daily basis that unlike saturated fats contained mainly in chips, fries or sauces, fatty fish that contain only good lipids do not provide calories. By eating fatty fish, the body is full of omega-3, vitamin D and protein. That's why smoked salmon is a good fit for dieting, she said.

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