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Well-known vaccination doctor admits breakdown

by archyw

The doctor Christian Kröner promotes the corona vaccination in the media. Now the doctor is making a breakdown in his practice public – patients should have the effectiveness of their vaccination checked.

Neu-Ulm – The nationwide well-known Swabian family doctor and vaccination advocate Christian Kröner has pointed out a glitch with the corona vaccinations in his practice.

The doctor informed his patients that vaccines may have been stored too warm and thus their effectiveness could be impaired. “We are all shocked by this incident, but unfortunately we can no longer correct it afterwards,” said a statement from the practice. Several media had reported about it.

The general practitioner from Neu-Ulm has advertised the vaccination in numerous media. However, he is also sharply criticized for his attitude. The Kripo is investigating numerous threats.

Practice refrigerator set to “a little too warm”

The glitch with the vaccines occurred because the practice refrigerator was set “a little too warm”, he said. To check that the vaccination is still effective, Kröner recommends having the blood checked for antibodies. There is no danger to the patient from the warm storage.

On Twitter, Kröner received criticism because of the breakdown on Tuesday. However, some users also showed the doctor respect for communicating the incident so openly. dpa

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