Wenceslas Vera was an earthly phenomenon playing with the heavens

The naive of the naïve, the Hungarian Audrey Hepburn, praised the recently deceased Vátzel Venczel and his friend, actor Sándor Lukács, on the M5 channel ‘s Libretto. The Kossuth Prize-winning artist also recalled a personal story in the show in which the actress set aside her professional success and helped her colleague.

Both the audience and the art profession find it difficult to accept the death of the popular Jászai Mari Prize-winning actor, Vera Venczel. In her show M5 Libretto, her successful actress colleague Sándor Lukács was a guest on stage and in films, who could only speak of her beloved fellow, whom she first met at the College of Performing Arts, in a voice of gratitude and respect. Even then, she was fascinated by the character of the actress, who she described as an ethereal beauty: Csokonai might forgive me for reversing his famous verse, but Vera Venczel was an earthly phenomenon playing with the heavens

Said the Kossuth Prize-winning artist, who has had a five-decade friendship with the actress, who will be grateful for the rest of her life for saving her from pneumonia.

Photo: Attila Polyák – Origo

He had a caring love in him, he really cared about others. We presented Péter Esterházy’s first stage work, the Farewell Symphony at our Comedy. We had a joint scene in which Vera bathed me, I sat completely naked in a tub while she washes her and told me a monologue. One November, the heating in the theater broke down, it was cold. Vera was worried about the wet scene, she wanted to postpone the performance because she was afraid I would catch a cold. He was able to cut his beautiful monologue in half so I wouldn’t catch a cold and get pneumonia under it. He was such a great person, “Sándor Lukács recalled on the M5 cultural channel, who confidently said that Vera Venczel was a type of personality to whom no one could say bad things.

Further details can be found in the quoted broadcast of the Libretto.