Wendy participated with her family in the TV program Steenrijk, Straatarm: ‘The nice reactions are pouring in’

The Dutch temporarily change households every week. The target? Discover what life is like when you suddenly have much more or much less money to spend. In the latest episode, Wendy de Pina and Niek Schrijver participate with their daughters.

Wendy, Niek and their three daughters had their lives filmed in rural Epse. Both are entrepreneurs. Wendy has her own webshop for children’s clothing, Niek is co-owner of a medical consultancy.

Holiday feeling and fat cars

The couple have known each other since high school and have been together for a long time. In Epse they have created their own paradise. What do we see? A spacious villa in the green and big cars. “It’s actually a constant feeling of vacation what you experience here, that’s luxury,” says Niek in the program. “I didn’t know there was such a place in the Netherlands. This neighborhood is characterized by the fast cars that drive there, very beautiful!”, adds Wendy.

To Heerhugowaard

In the program, the family exchanges for a week with the Van Vliet family from Heerhugowaard, consisting of mother Vera, her two sons and a daughter. They live together in a social rented house. When the family from Epse talks to friends of Vera about her life after a divorce, Wendy gets full. “I think this is intense.”

Shopping in Deventer

And what are things that you don’t just buy when you have little to spend? That’s right, shoes! The Van Vliet family was temporarily allowed to leave the city with a big wallet and chose shoes at Deaup in Deventer. Not only the sneaker store came into view, but other things such as Mini Boss and our city itself were also visible in a few good shots.

‘Just thought about it’

The fact that Deventer entrepreneurs were so well visible was a reason for Wendy and Niek to participate. “We have been asked to participate in the program,” says Wendy. We thought about it for a while, but decided to do it anyway. On the one hand because we can give a family that is having a hard time a great week, but also to put Deventer entrepreneurs in the spotlight after a difficult corona period.”

And it worked, if you ask Wendy. “It’s delicious feel good television,” she says. “The fun and funny reactions are pouring in today, the day after broadcast.”

Want to watch the entire episode? You can do that here.

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