Friday, 20 Apr 2018

Wenger reveals the reason for the defeat of Newcastle and injury Ramsey and double Lakazit – Obaming

Despite the progress of the guns in the result but the team receives its 11th loss this season before the end of five rounds. Shady Nabil Facebook Twitter Arsenal suffered a home defeat against Newcastle in the 34th round of the English Premier League with two goals to one goal.
Lazazet scored the first goal before the first quarter of the game but the team received two goals to lose three points and stand at 54 points in sixth place. “It’s the story of the season, we have 70% of the ball and we go up with a goal and then we lose in the end,” Arsene Wenger told the press conference after the meeting. “You ask how that happened, as I put it to you.” Related Materials “We could have come out of the first half with two goals, and in the second half there was a physical backtracking on some of the players because of Thursday’s meeting in the European league.
“Focus and good performance is the only way,” he said, “I feel that the players have done what they have to do in today’s match and we have to continue to do so in order to win the next one.”
During the first half, Lakazit and Obamiang were fantastic and made many chances, but in the second half their performance fell like the rest of the group. ”
Arsenal are only two points away from Bernley VII, leaving them to lose the last European seat if they do not achieve unbeatable results in the next round.

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