Went wrong for the “Summer Cabin” couple: – There were a few tears

In the fourth week of the TV 2 program “Sommerhytta”, the participants were given the task of tiling the bathroom, as well as creating a form of storage to have outdoors.

Before the couples could start laying tiles, they had to prepare the bathroom. However, things did not go quite as planned for the couple in the yellow cabin, Sara Meyer Boudaya (28) and Ibrahim Mahnin (30).

Centimeter error

At the beginning of the week, Boudaya had to attend a compulsory lecture at school, and was therefore away for the first few days.

Meanwhile, partner Mahnin worked on the weekly project with a substitute. They had prepared the bathroom for the tiling, but early the next day Mahnin was informed that this had not been done correctly.

They therefore had to do some of the work again.

– It turned out to be a centimeter error that led to us having to do it again, the couple says to Good evening Norway.

They say that they had picked up from some of the other participants that there should be 30 centimeters between the battens in the bathroom. Instead of measuring this distance from center to center on the battens, they measured from edge to edge.

– The error propagated and the next day we were told that it could not be like that, because it would have consequences for the tiles later, Boudaya adds.

– Very upset

With three other participating couples working hard on the same project, there was therefore no time to lose.

– It was very hard to get the message that we had to do it again. We had been so careful the day before, and worked hard to be up to date with the other participants, the couple says.

– At least we lost faith that we were going to finish everything.

DISAPPOINTING: The couple says that it was disappointing to be told to start parts of the work again. Photo: TV 2 / Espen Solli

Due to this, the couple experienced a break in the motivation, but recovered after a break.

– For my part, there were a few tears and a walk in the basement. But it got better after some shopping, a nice sunset and motivating words from Ibrahim, says Boudaya.

Learned from the situation

Despite a downturn, the 28-year-old says they learned from the situation.

– We learned that once we are in the basement, it takes little to get up again. It’s about how you talk to each other, what attitude you have and what you want to focus on, she says to Good evening Norway.

The couple allowed themselves to be disappointed for a few hours, but then they had to put the defeat behind them in order to continue working.

– We also learned that we had to be even more careful and make sure that we did the right thing along the way, even though it was also difficult at times, as there is a lot you do not get guidance on.

– Most of all, it was about not giving up. We had to give everything, and not dig ourselves down – even if something goes awry. To give ourselves a little «slack. We can not really tile or build, so there must be room for error, the couple concludes.