Werder Bremen: After a rush to rise! Ole Werner overslept Eintracht triumph – Bundesliga

Promotion dreams instead of European miracles…

6:5 nE in Seville against Glasgow Rangers, Eintracht Frankfurt wins the Europa League. 25 years after Schalke, a Bundesliga club has won this competition again. The whole of football Germany is happy with these Frankfurters, who remain unbeaten in all 13 Europa League games.

An Werder-Coach Ole Werner (34) only passed the magic game: “I have to admit that I didn’t notice much of it. I had to catch up on some sleep. But it is a great success for the club. The whole European Cup season they’ve played is exceptional.”

Werner overslept Eintracht triumph

The last few days were probably too exhausting for the coach. After the fixed Bundesliga return, Werner really let it rip, blossomed into a party surprise in the night after the 2-0 win against Regensburg and celebrated with his players until late in the morning.

The trainer: “So far I haven’t really come down. That will happen in the next few days. But it will definitely be a while before I fully understand what happened here after the ascent.”

When that happens, Werner will certainly have another chance to watch the magical Eintracht night in Seville again.