Werder Bremen: After Bundesliga jitters: Niklas Schmidt heads free | Sports

In preparation for the season, Niklas Schmidt (24) said at the end of July: “The thought that we were now playing in the Bundesliga inhibited me. I dreamed of her as a little boy.” At the latest with his header hit 2:2 in Dortmund they should fear of contact of Bremen’s midfield man have vanished…

Werder’s professional boss Clemens Fritz to BILD: “He doesn’t have to have them. Niklas can believe in his own strengths. It is good for him to have this sense of achievement. Niklas can approach with confidence.”

Schmidt decapitates himself

In Dortmund “Schmiddi” came on for Leo Bittencourt after 70 minutes and scored his first goal in his second Bundesliga appearance. It’s been six years since his debut in the House of Lords. On September 24th, 2016 (2:1 against Wolfsburg) he was allowed to play for 14 minutes under coach Alexander Nouri and promptly prepared the winning goal.

Schmidt’s Bundesliga record is impressive: the fine technician scored a goal and an assist in 34 minutes. If he continues like this, the Bundesliga will soon be afraid of him.