Werder Bremen: brooding ban for weak Lasse Mai – Bundesliga

Endless injuries – at Werder, numerous professionals from the second row got involved in the top game against Darmstadt (1-0).

With Manuel Mbom, Eren Dinkci and Niklas Schmidt, there were even players in the starting XI who had hardly gotten a chance under Ole Werner until now. At the end of the game, the young professionals Ilia Gruev and Oscar Schönfelder came on.

Central defender Lasse Mai (21), on the other hand, did not get a chance – the Bayern loan stewed on the bench for 90 minutes. And that despite the fact that Werder was in great need of this position due to numerous failures in defense.

Brooding ban for May

Werder professional boss Clemens Fritz to BILD: “The situation may also be a bit on his mind. However, he doesn’t need to start thinking too much about it now. But it is clear that the performances of the young players in particular are somewhat inconsistent.”

What is meant is the performance of May in the 1: 2 bankruptcy in Heidenheim. Mai had a lot of trouble there as the right of the three central defenders. Coach Werner Mai left the field at half-time and replaced him with Nicolai Rapp. He’s actually at home in midfield.

The result: Werner moved to central defense against Darmstadt Christian Groß and Tony Jung – Mai stayed out.

Fritz: “It’s important that he stays on track and gains self-confidence in training. Lasse does that.”

May’s chances of making a start again are still good. The two regular central defenders Ömer Toprak and Marco Friedl will probably still be out after the international break.