Werder Bremen: Comeback after Corona! Schmidt: “The virus hit me hard” – Bundesliga

Niklas Schmidt (24) was set under ex-coach Markus Anfang. Then a corona infection slowed him down in December.

Under new coach Ole Werner (33), the offensive man hardly got a chance for a long time.

“The virus has hit me hard. I wouldn’t have thought so. I felt it extremely. The first time after the infection was really blatant,” admits Schmidt. “We caught up on everything with the athletic trainer team. I’m happy that I can now train again without any problems.”

Schmidt has put the Corona worries aside – in the win against Darmstadt he was on the pitch for the full season for the first time in a long time.

Schmidt back on track after corona infection!

Due to the absences of Romano Schmid (22) and Leo Bittencourt (28), Schmidt slipped into the starting XI twice in the last few weeks – he did a good job in attacking midfield.

But it’s also a fact: he couldn’t get past Bittencourt and Schmid in the end. Nevertheless, he remained focused and always in contact with coach Werner.

Schmidt: “He always told me what was important and how well the others were doing. We’ve always been on good terms with each other. He didn’t have to do it that way, but he did it. I find that extremely cool.”

This will also be important in the future! Since Bittencourt should soon be fit again after a corona infection, Schmidt will probably have to stay out against Sandhausen (Sunday, April 3rd).

At least he can now help with full power from the bench again…