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New in the debate about the Werder performance center |

Location alternatives in Bremen off the table

Werder has been top notch again since this season – at least in terms of sport. Because the young talent center (NLZ), which is getting on in years, has long been outdated.

The modernization of the NLZ in the Pauliner Marsch has been a topic for years. Yet the plans had to be postponed several times due to the Corona crisis and financial concerns.

Now the debate goes to the next round. In an interview with BILD, Werder explains that the Pauliner Marsch is still the preferred location. The club wants to stick to it and has the clear goal of building an NLZ in Bremen.

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Source: BILD / AP


The BPW urban planning agency has checked other locations in addition to the Pauliner Marsch. The results showed that all tested locations within the city area (gallop racecourse, front Woltmershausen and Osterholzer Feldmark) are not suitable or only with considerable restrictions for an NLZ according to Werder’s ideas.

Location alternatives in Bremen off the table!

A construction in the Pauliner Marsch is difficult because the area is at risk of flooding. That’s why there are strict building regulations and residents can veto Werder’s plans at any time.

In order to create understanding for the project, the association started a moderation process with local residents and politicians in the summer. Whether this will be continued will be decided at the end of a six-part workshop series.

After all, the city planners gave the green light for a flood-adapted construction in the Pauliner Marsch at the first workshop on Saturday. Now all that remains is to convince the local residents.


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