Werder Bremen: Mistakes by Ilia Gruev in starting eleven debut under Ole Werner – Bundesliga

The equalizing goal by Marvin Ducksch in the 1-1 draw against Sandhausen certainly made a Bremen player thrive: Ilia Gruev (21).

For the first time since November 27 (1-2 in Kiel), the young Bulgarian was in the Werder starting XI. Christian Brand was still standing on the Bremen sidelines…

But the Gruev comeback did not go as desired. His bad pass when building up the game in midfield without any pressure initiated the lead for the guests.

Coach Ole Werner: “You could have opened up to the front or played to the side. But that happens and you learn from it. All in all, I can’t find much fault with the team and Ilia is one of them.”

Previously, Gruev, who had been placed under ex-coach Markus Beginning in the meantime, had delivered a decent game in his preferred six-man position and intercepted the few Sandhaus attacks well.

After the blunder, which neither young nor old could correct, there wasn’t much to see from Gruev. But at least Ducksch spared him a defeat.