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West Virginia's legislative session is less than a week's age and things are already stupid.

And I'm not even talking about making measles again, banning almond milk, trying to steal counties from other states, or the American fundamental right to hunt coyotes with night vision goggles.

What I am talking about today is the Firearms Freedom Act, which is a very special piece of legislation.

If you're new to West Virginia politics, it's time to take a swig of moonshine and a few huff to take, because we're entering!

If you are never praying for the sweet release of death, you have never lived through a legislative session in West Virginia. The legislative session here runs once a year, for 60 days directly, starting in early January.

The session officially started last Wednesday, and the days ago were a crazy broadcast to the bottom.

It is West Virginia, so naturally, there are a lot of stupid gun bills. But one of these bills is more severe than usual. Friends, let me introduce you in the House Bill 2143!

HB 2143, sponsored by Gary Howell's Republican Delegate, does little – it only feels the meaning of the federal Constitution changed. Through state legislation. Something MUST NOT.

The best part of HB 2143 is the strange "authority legislative declaration" at first, which seeks to redefine federal constitutional law – only for West Virginia alone. It says – extremely repetitive and excessive repeated – that guarantees the Second Amendment, the Ninth, and the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution () for the rights of persons who have not been granted in the Constitution and who retain certain rights to the people of West Virginia as they are understood at the time that West Virginia was admitted to the route in 1863. It is a matter of contract between the states and persons of West Virginia and the States. United as was agreed by West Virginia and the United States in 1863 (.).

Umm, I'm sure this is wanting say that the federal government has only the power to enforce these constitutional amendments in accordance with the Supreme Court's understanding of them in 1863. Unfortunately, the Constitution does not work very much for Howell's Messenger. (And a person seems to have forgotten to say to the delegate that, in 1863, it was not understood that the Second Amendment gave an individual right to carry arms. nice active judges.

Under this idea, each state would operate under a different meaning to the various federal constitutional amendments, depending on the date of their entry into the union. So it would be like time – and with the US Constitution – it stopped at the moment when a state officially emerged.

If all this is completely crazy and full, it is so. And you may want to add a little guanea to whatever you are smoking, because we are about to get the part where this state legislation tries to what is "counted" as a commerce interstate is redefined under federal law.

Personal firearms, firearms accessory, or ammunition are manufactured on a commercial or private basis in West Virginia and do not remain within the limits of West Virginia subject to federal law or federal regulation, including registration, under the authority of Congress to commerce. interstate to regulate.

Oh, ok then.

The Legislator has declared that these items have not traveled in interstate commerce.

State legislators do not find a decision on what is meant to be involved in interstate commerce.

But don't tell Gary Howell that.

The authority of the Conference does not include the control of interstate commerce in fundamental matters of authority for the regulation of firearms, firearms accessories and ammunition made in West Virginia from those subjects. Firearms accessories imported into West Virginia from another state and subject to federal regulation as a credible commerce, they do not apply to federal regulation about interstate commerce because they are connected to or used by firearms in West Virginia. .

You heard em, kids! Now West Virginia guns are issued from the US Constitution!

Of course, this is not how any of this works. I think that no one ever told the drafters of this bill under the Supremacy Clause, which was part of the United States Constitution in 1863 and says:

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States made pursuant to that Dáil; and all the Treaties made or to be made under the United States Authority shall be the Supreme Land Law; and so the Judges in each State shall be bound, notwithstanding anything in the Constitution or Laws of any State, to the Committee.

Y's, this is the kind of stupid we are dealing with, here. Not only is the shit we are making immoral and wrong. It is also very dumb.

And the legislature wasn't even in a whole week session.

As West Virginian, Wonkette resident, I must say …

Please. Send help.

(HB 2143 / HB 4139)

Also, add some money to Wonkette!

(b) guns (t). house of delegates (p.


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