West will not be “intimidated” by Putin

In view of the recent escalation in the Ukraine war, US President Joe Biden has emphasized that the US and its NATO allies will not be “intimidated” by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

US President Biden – AFP


the essentials in brief

  • US President announces close investigation into Nord Stream leaks.

“America and our allies will not be intimidated,” Biden said on Friday at the White House in Washington. Putin will “not frighten the West”.

At the same time, Biden warned the Russian President against any attack on a NATO state. “The US and its NATO partners are fully prepared to defend every inch of NATO territory,” said the US President. “Mr. Putin, don’t misunderstand me: every inch.”

Biden also announced a comprehensive investigation into the leaks in the Baltic Sea natural gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2. “It was a deliberate act of sabotage and the Russians are spreading false information and lies,” the president said. “We will work with our allies to find out exactly what happened.” This is how divers should examine the leaks.

On Friday, after the controversial “referendums” in the Ukrainian regions of Luhansk and Donetsk, Cherson and Zaporizhia, Putin signed agreements on the annexation together with the pro-Russian leaders of the regions. The areas are fully or partially controlled by Moscow. In the referendums, citizens voted “for our common future,” Putin said at the ceremony in the Kremlin on Friday. The USA and its allies immediately declared that they would not recognize the annexation.

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