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We found out how the smartphone market in Romania is on the delivery side in the first 3 months of 2022. The information came from Xiaomi, and now it’s the turn of another Chinese manufacturer to brag about the results recorded in Europe.

The data is also taken here from Canalys, and Realme has sent information on performances touched. In fact, they made it into the top 5.

🔝 Western Europe

  1. Samsung – 36% market share and 7% decrease;
  2. Apple – market share of 28% and growth of 6%;
  3. Xiaomi – 15% market share and 11% decrease;
  4. OPPO – 5% market share and 4% increase;
  5. realme – market share of 3% and increase of many percent (the percentage does not make sense in the context in which they assume that the base of departure is zero, most likely they were not on the official channel in Western Europe in the first 3 months of 2021 ).

The positions of Samsung and Apple seem downright unapproachable at the moment by Chinese brands. Xiaomi is in a state of decline, and OPPO and Realme are a long way from the top 3.

Realme has reportedly performed well in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.


Here is another dynamic. EEC is in a sharp decline in sales in the context of Russia’s war in Ukraine. You have a map with the countries included in each infographic.

  1. Samsung – 33% market share and 14% decrease;
  2. Xiaomi – market share of 28% and decrease of 31%;
  3. Apple – 8% market share and 21% decrease;
  4. realme – 8%;
  5. Transsion – 4%.

Notice that OPPO disappears from the top 5, and realme enters the 4th place in terms of deliveries. Xiaomi is in a sharp decline in form (in Russia they had a leading position), we see serious decreases in Samsung and Apple. I didn’t know who Transition was. It is a Chinese smartphone maker that sells well in Africa. The brands on offer include Tecno, Itel, Infinix. I don’t know if they will be present in our country, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they approach it in the next period.

It’s a bit funny how each manufacturer spins the figures given by Canalys to somehow stand out with the deliveries in the first quarter of 2022.

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