Western Digital: Malware Erases Data on Hard Drives – How To Protect Yourself

Attacks on Western Digital hard drives are currently increasing. As the manufacturer emphasizes, the models “My Book Live” and “My Book Live Duo”, which can be used as a cloud drive, are affected. Although this gives customers access to the data from anywhere, cyber criminals are now taking advantage of it. Apparently malware is being installed on the devices, which has different effects.

Some Western Digital customers report that the data on the hard drive was simply completely erased. The device is doing a factory reset. Others report so-called “ransomware”. A malicious program that encrypts the data and locks it with a password. Affected people are then asked to pay a “ransom” for the data.

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Western Digital hard drives: This is the advice of the manufacturer

Western Digital is aware of the targeted attacks and is currently investigating the incidents. The manufacturer currently recommends disconnecting the hard drives from the Internet until the problem has been resolved. This is the only way to protect your data from attacks in advance. It is not known whether Western Digital will find a solution for those whose data has already been deleted.

Since the models are older models, the firmware updates were also discontinued a while ago. Western Digital emphasizes in the report that the final update was published in 2015. With older devices in particular, customers should consider in the medium term whether it is necessary to switch to a newer model.