Western experts have estimated the cost of the “Pobeda” loukoster at $ 600 million


With an investment of $ 50 million, the cost of the “Pobeda” loukoster is estimated at $ 600 million by Western analysts. This was announced by the Director General Aeroflot and Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Victory” Vitaly Saveliev at interview TASS . The head of Aeroflot Vitaly Savelyev for the first time called the assessment of a subsidiary of Pobeda airline . “Victory” (in 2013 – Dobrolet ) – who just did not say then that this is another profanity, “he once again came up with some idea to propiate.” And “Victory” the second year brings 3.5 billion net profit. This year, she already paid us, as a parent company, 50 percent of net profit as dividends, “said Vitaly Saveliev. The company, he said, has zero debt load, it carries 5 million passengers, the average check for the year is 4,5 thousand rubles. “Everybody curses her, but everyone flies by her. It grows. As in the “daughter”, we had to invest in the “Victory” somewhere around $ 120 million according to the business plan. We invested about 50 million dollars. Do you know how much Victory costs now, according to Western analysts? 600 million dollars. This is established by the mathematical method and method of direct comparison with loukosterov “, – said the general director of the carrier. As noted RBC with reference to the representative of the carrier, in the first full year of work (2015), “Victory” received a net profit of 37.2 million rubles, according to the database “SPARK”. In 2016, this figure was 3.3 billion rubles. According to the results of 2017, net profit amounted to 3.5 billion rubles, a representative of the “Victory” reported. Aton analyst Mikhail Ganelin called the estimate of “Victory” in 600 million dollars is quite adequate – this is about 10 profits of the company. He noted that the capitalization of the world’s most famous loukosterov Rynair and EasyJet is 12-15 profits. “Since” Victory “is not a public one, it is an internal assessment, and Aeroflot itself is traded as a group at lower multiples,” Ganelin said. The expert believes that the output of “Victory” on the stock market would cause great interest among investors.


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