Wetterau trio goes away empty-handed

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Von: Sascha Kungl


(kun). In the tennis group league, the women of MSG Sportwelt Rosbach/TV Köppern had no chance against TC Bad Homburg II at the start of the season on their own facility with a 6-0 loss. The men from Karbener SV and SV 98 Rosbach also went empty handed at the start of the Medenspiel round.

Women (4), Group 10, MSG Sportwelt Rosbach/TV Köppern – TC Bad Homburg II 0:6: In the top positions, Lea Bruck (0:6, 1:6) and Pauline Schäfer (0:6, 0:6) had to admit defeat in two sets to their Bad Homburg opponents just as easily as Lina Pepelnik (1:6, 0: 6) and Lisa Fischer (3: 6, 3: 6). The MSG pairing of Bruch/Schäfer (7:6, 4:6, 7:10) had the guests on the verge of defeat in the doubles, but in the end they drew just like Pepelnik and Fischer (0:6, 0:6) in the second double the shortest.

Men (6), Group 55, Karbener SV – TC Wetzlar 2:7 : Mikael Fickler (2:6, 7:6, 7:10) and Mathias Frankenbach (4:6, 6:3, 8:10) played well after losing the first sets and were able to win the second round. In the end, both players from Karben had to admit defeat to their opponents from Wetzlar. Achim Posthaus (0:6, 1:6) and Cedric Gailing (4:6, 6:7) also went away empty-handed in their individual games, while team leader Pascal Bähring had to give up due to injury. Only Yannik Bär (6:1, 6:2) was able to confidently win his match. “Despite the defeat that was already certain after the singles, we once again mobilized all our strength in the doubles,” stated Bähring. Osman Cenal stepped in for the injured Karbener team leader, who had to admit defeat alongside Posthaus (3:6, 1:6), as did Gailing and Bär (3:6, 6:3, 7:10). The Fickler/Frankenbach double benefited from the opponent’s surrender.

Men (4), Group 58, TC Oberursel II – SV 98 Rosbach 4:2: On the side of the guests from Rosbach, Peter Walek (6:4, 1:6, 10:7) retained the upper hand after a hard-fought individual match tiebreak. Due to the match losses of Jan Ole Herwig (2: 6, 2: 6), Tim Biedenkapp (4: 6, 1: 6) and Yonas Bali (0: 6, 1: 6), the Rosbacher went with the mortgage of a 1: 3-arrears in the doubles. There, Bali had to admit defeat alongside Timo von Sturm (1:6, 1:6), so that Herwig/Walek (6:3, 6:7, 11:9) won the match because of the visitors’ defeat at the start nothing changed.