We’ve seen the Olsen twins for a long time: this is how 36-year-old Ashley and Mary-Kate have changed – World Star

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen his name sounds familiar to all of us, since they were child stars in the ’90s and teen idols in their teens.

At the fashion show in Paris, they appeared again and caused a big surprise: they are still in top form at the age of 36 and have changed a lot.

The brand of the Olsen twins

The Olsen twins have been known to the whole world since they were young. The first major role of the fraternal twins was that of Michelle Tanner, when they were given the opportunity to guest star in the film Bír-lak.

Photo: Sebastian Artz / Getty Images Hungary

After that, they became more and more successful and conquered the hearts of the world with the films Irány a giyi!, Two eggs cause a hundred troubles and Wild West galiba. In 1994, their musical mystery video series, The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley, debuted, which lasted until 1997 and enjoyed great success.

The twins looked very much alike then, and that hasn’t changed today either. Now 36 years old, they are still in explosive form, which we also saw at the Paris fashion show. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen proudly presented their brand’s new collection. Everyone watched the twin fashion designers with interest, as they had changed a lot.

Dressed in black, they watched the models walk the runway in pieces from their latest collection from a spiral staircase. An enthusiastic visitor captured the Olsens as they clap along with everyone and watch the cheers, which were for their own brand, with big smiles on their faces.

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Daughters of Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are raising three children, their son James was born in October 2002, so he can celebrate his 20th birthday this year, their twin daughters, Tabitha and Marion, were born in June 2009 and recently turned 13 years old.

Modern times – Ancient behavior or the foundations of human nature

November guest of the Femina Club Vilmos Csányi will be an ethologist, with whom they will talk about, among other things With Nora Szilywith the hostess of the evenings, why does our ancient, biological heritage cause so much tension in modern Western civilization.

You can read exact details about the evening here:

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