Wey catches eye with retro hybrid in China

Great Wall will exhibit at the Chengdu Motor Show, China’s third-largest, a retro hybrid concept car by luxury brand Wey, known for its expressive and sophisticated design crossovers.

Based on Ballet Cat, the proposed name for ORA’s four-door electric Beetle, the concept was inspired by cars from the 30s and 40s to show an alternative future, with highly connected cars in a retro style.

Using a new hybrid platform, the new car uses DHT technology, which aims to be more efficient for the Wey brand. With large chrome, the concept adopts a stretched and high front, over the curved hood of the Beetle.

Great Wall: Wey calls attention to retro hybrid in China

At the rear, an addition was made to the trunk, in order to reproduce period cars. Note that the cabin remains the same as the Beetle, a clear indication that the Great Wall has mirrored a proposal to update the Beetle in the past.

In the 50s, the proposal to convert the Volkswagen Beetle into a conventional sedan didn’t stick and it’s likely that this one won’t go far either, since the style is far from attractive, unlike the Ballet Cat.

Great Wall: Wey calls attention to retro hybrid in China

Speaking of this, the ORA should show it in a definitive version in this same hall, anticipating any lawsuit by VW. The two cars, however, share many items, especially in the interior.

Wey’s concept has three digital screens for clustering, navigation and entertainment. There’s a flashy console and a lot of luxurious looks in every detail.

Great Wall: Wey calls attention to retro hybrid in China

With automatic steering column lever transmission, it truly draws attention for its elaborate details and sophistication.

Highly connected via 5G as well as data cloud, the Great Wall concept is far removed from the technology that inspires its lines. Still, for us, the ORA electric Beetle is a better idea.

Great Wall Wey Concept – Photo Gallery

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