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What a combination !: Angelina Jolie would be dating Keanu Reeves for a long time

It must be said that both she and he are two Hollywood stars who have managed to keep their true everyday lives pretty secret. Yes: Angelina (43) has given rumors to make dulce de leche but very few of them could be confirmed only until the same protagonist came out to declare. Reeds (54), meanwhile, is known in the environment for cultivating a life totally different from the lights and splendors of Hollywood: do not paint those parties with glam, go as you the street dress wins and his routines are always far from the divine girls and the tabloids of the heart. It seems, so published by the Australian magazine News Weekly Magazine, that the actress is in a beautiful romance with the beau from July last year … A year ago! The relationship, already well entrenched according to this medium, arose when Jolie went to live in her new home in Los Angeles, which is in the same neighborhood where Reeves' mother lives . And, since he is a son very dedicated to his mother, he always goes to visit her. That's how they met, they started talking and love grew. "They never worked together and they did not meet until last year, Keanu visited her a lot, so it was easy for her to meet Angelina Jolie," revealed a source interviewed by the magazine. But there is more: they are so in love and go So serious that even the actress's children are aware of the relationship and approve it with joy. "Keanu Reeves loves children and has been a good influence on Angie, she is so kind, generous and genuine: all the qualities that she now wants in a man."



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