What a killer legs! Duchess Kate shows off legs in mini skirt

Always & always wear tights? Come on, it doesn’t have to be the royal dress code when you walk the tennis court.

The Duchess of Cambridge ventured into a game of tennis with US Open champion Emma Radacanu, appearing appropriately in a sporty miniskirt. Which reminds us how many hours Kate spends in her private gym. Now that she doesn’t wear a skirt over the knees, we see the killer legs of the Duchess better than ever.

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Although Kate may not be able to compete with the 18-year-old tennis champion, she also has the necessary experience with hitting balls. In addition to sitting in the stands of Wimbledon to watch the art of the best tennis players in the world, she also likes to stand with a racket in her hands. The Cambridge girls’ private tennis court is something Kate would love to use – it’s one of her favorite ways to keep moving.

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Her oldest children are also taught the sport with the spoon, says a royal insider at The Sun: “When they have completed their homework satisfactorily, Prince George and Princess Charlotte take tennis lessons on their tennis court. Kate plays games with the children almost every day and they enjoy practicing with her.”

If it gives you legs like that, then we get Kate. Would you like to have a tennis court built in your backyard?


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