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This is the most beautiful challenge of this Prix de Belgique: a superb fifth Sunday, January 14 at Vincennes, with 15 starters all at the same pole, and which is the last preparation for the Prix d’Amérique in 15 days. There is on one side the double winner of the queen race which is the best trotteur current in France, but which remains on two second places and which has not yet won its race of the winter. It took a little time each time and to get there and reassure all its admirers, Bold this time lightened in his shoe that can not be deferré 4 feet unfortunately. His coach assumes that by carrying even less weight he can go faster. On the other hand, Readly Express announced as a Swedish phenomenon justified this reputation by quietly winning the price Tenor Baune while it was only 90% of his means according to his entourage. He beat Walnut’s Charly, Treasure Kronos and Carat Williams, who he will find without hope of revenge for them. Readly is him déferré and if it has taken more time than Bold on the same course, one notices that it was never attacked that day. They are two sons of the amazing Ready Cash stallion and both will run to win. Of course their joust will be the favorite of America even if Propulsion, which has passed the test will remain a customer! Answer expected around 16:15, and we add a nice match of drivers also between Nivard and Goop.

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