“What a prank, huh?”

Popular singer Tina Karol starred for a fashion magazine in several spicy looks

Especially for the 15th anniversary of her career last year, Tina Karol released an unusual clip-trilogy, in which she performed three of her songs that were included in the new album. Then the artist unveiled previously unknown footage from a provocative photo shoot for Ukrainian Vogue to attract attention.

Note that the star is now promoting the video in a new style. The video “Scandal” attracted quite a lot of attention, so the fans decided to remember the equally daring shooting of Tina for the magazine.

Especially for the photo shoot, the star changed several images. A bow in a pale blue suit and an image in only pants in front of a special mini-stage and without a bra were the most memorable for fans. Since the singer rarely crosses the lines of decency, the footage for fans was a revelation.

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Also on her Instagram, the artist published a video, which collected a cut of rehearsals that took place before the shooting of the video.

In the video, the star learned the movements and worked with the production director.

“Tina, I now understand why choreographers from different countries want to work with you! Gorgeous. There is no limit to perfection! ”,“ At the end, I mentally ran to catch Tina ”,“ Tina, you are fire! An example of upbringing, strength, femininity, wisdom and love! “,” What kind of pranks, huh? “,” Dan would also be able to insure! Or hold your legs, ”people write in response.

Recall that Karol, after her scandal, struck with the words about the only man: “Until then …”.

As reported by Politeka, Tina Karol surprised with personal shots with Dan Balan on a snow-covered street: “Scandal”.

Politeka also wrote that the mysterious Karol boasted of a ring on that very finger, the fans gasped: “Ideal for men”



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