What an obsession Elena Ceaușescu had with sex. No one escapes, not even his own children

The ex-wife of the communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, Elena Ceaușescu, was obsessed with seeing the wives of nomenclaturists have sex. It is worth mentioning that Elena Ceaușescu had all kinds of obsessions throughout her life, and one of them was really strange.

What an obsession Elena Ceaușescu had when it came to sex

Thus, the wife of the dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu had come to make the agents plant microphones in their room, after which she listened to the cassettes with the recordings, being desperate to find out details from the privacy of other people.

In fact, Nicolae Ceaușescu’s wife was especially interested in the intimate life of the actress Violeta Andrei, the wife of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, named Ștefan Andrei. It is worth mentioning that certain revelations in this regard were made public in the book “Wheel Horizons”, written by Ion Mihai Pacepa.

What an obsession Elena Ceaușescu had when it came to sex
What an obsession Elena Ceaușescu had with sex

“In the mid-70s, Elena wanted to know” how Violeta makes love. ” A few days later, when I put a tape recorder on her desk, Elena couldn’t get enough of listening to the recording. “Damn it,” Elena said, breathing hard. Listen to her, darling, as she whistles from the tip of her tongue and then starts screaming like a hyena, breaking your eardrums. From that day on, Elena developed a passion for Violeta. In April, Elena asked for listening equipment to be installed in the “back room,” and then began keeping tapes with Violeta. And other”.

And this is because Elena Ceauşescu enjoyed the recordings received from the Securitate in which one of the wives of his subordinates had sex with the lover.

“See her lying naked under your man!” Moving from her great ass to orgasm! ”, Declared Ceauşeasca.

Elena Ceausescu liked to know how her children have sex

“Look at that.” to stay! Elena broke out then. The party gave her as a husband one of its valuable people, and she raised her feet in front of any Tarzan who smiles at her “, Elena Ceauşescu would have commented then.

But Elena Ceausescu’s obsession did not stop here. The communist dictator’s wife also liked to know how her children had sex and she was interested in finding out as spicy details as possible about their intimate life.

Eugen Proca, former Minister of Health, also spoke about the evil of Elena Ceausescu. He saw her as a scorpion, “something between Imelda Marcos, Evita Peron and Jiang Qing.” 4

“She was a real scorpion. She was never satisfied. She was petty and stubborn. He was Ceausescu’s demon, “he said.