What are Pinned Chats on WhatsApp and what is the correct way to put them?

Having conversations through WhatsApp is part of your daily activity, you can communicate with your acquaintances from anywhere in the world, for that reason the number of chats in your App can get out of control. A solution for this is the option to set chats in order to keep the three most important ones located in the top of your conversations Permanently.

How do the fixed chats of the WhatsApp app work?

The operation of the fixed chats that WhatsApp offers can be considered as a way of organize your conversationsSometimes it happens that you lose certain chats within a sea of ​​conversations, then using the option to pin a chat can work for you to select the three conversations that have priority for you at that moment.

Once you have selected the chats you want to set, they will be located at the top of your WhatsApp conversations, messages from other contacts will continue to arrive, but the three prioritized conversations they will still be at the top of your chat list.

What are the uses that can be given to the fixed chats of your WhatsApp?

Pinning chats helps you organize your priorities, that is, privilege with superior location the most interesting chats for the moment you select them. Consequently, this type of organization facilitates the use of the application by favoring the way of communicating either from a personal or business point of view through the following benefits:

  • Better and easier access to your chats.
  • Specific classification of your conversations.
  • Possibility of creating a data store for personal use in WhatsApp.

Much better access to your conversations

It is a fact that WhatsApp conversations multiply exponentially and surely your phone is no exception, so it could be difficult to handle it in the middle of a life so hectic due to the number of contacts. With the option to set chats on WhatsApp you can have a better access three of your conversations by pinning them to the top of the chat list in your app.

Classify your chats

Using the option to set chats you can classify your conversations by choosing the ones you consider most important, giving them a privileged place Regarding their location, these chats can be WhatsApp groups or simple conversations with your acquaintances, but they will be classified according to the level of importance to be assigned to them.

Create a data warehouse

It is always advisable to have a data store in your WhatsApp, creating a chat just for this, we can even be talking about a WhatsApp group whose only member is you. The important thing is that you can save the data that you consider important for your personal life or business and to have a direct access to that chat, place it at the top of the others with the option to set chat.


What is the procedure to set a chat on WhatsApp Web and application?

Assuming that WhatsApp Web is an exact reflection of the application you use on your phone, it is important that you know that any chat you set in your application it will be observed immediately on WhatsApp Web and vice versa. However, the procedure to fix chats is different if your device is Android, iPhone or PC, as indicated below:

With Android

On your Android device it is quite easy and fast to set one or more chats by following these simple steps:

  1. Open your WhatsApp.
  2. Locate the chat or you want to pin and hold it down.
  3. Choose the other two chats that you also plan to pin and mark them the same as the previous one.
  4. Select the icon in the shape of a thumbtack that will appear among several options at the top of the application and you’re done.

On iPhone

In case your device is an iPhone, the procedure is a little different, because here in addition to opening your updated WhatsApp application, you do not have to press on the chat to select it, but you must slide it to the right side to bring up the dial option. Unlike Android devices, on iPhone you must do the procedure one conversation at a time, since you cannot select all three at the same time.

From PC

If you are using WhatsApp Web you will see the chats that you have set on your mobile device, in the same way you can set three chats as follows:

  1. Open your WhatsApp Web on your PC.
  2. Go to the conversations tray.
  3. Select the chat you want to pin.
  4. Click on the downward facing arrow located on the right side of the conversation you selected in the previous step.
  5. Press set chat and voila.


How many maximum chats can be set on each WhatsApp account?

In order to organize your messages in WhatsApp you can set the three chats of your choice, these will be located at the top of the list of conversations in your application permanently, the maximum limit The number of conversations set is three and you can replace them as many times as you want, everything will depend on the priority you want to give to the chats when organizing your conversations.

How can you unset a chat on your WhatsApp account from PC or mobile?

Just as you have the opportunity to set the chats, you can also unset them whenever you want, both on your phone and on the PC it is quite easy to carry out the procedure in reverse and thus replace chat set for another that has higher priority or simply stop having fixed chats. Depending on your device you can unset them as indicated below:


In the Android app

When you have fixed conversations in your android device and you want to reverse this action, you just have to press again on the chat or the fixed chats and place the crossed-out pin on the icons that will appear at the top. By clicking there your conversations will be unset and you will be able to set others in their place.

With iOS

If you have a chat set on your iOS device you will always know it because it will be identified with the pin symbol, to unset it you must follow the following steps:

  1. Enter your WhatsApp application.
  2. Locate yourself in the list of conversations.
  3. Choose the chat that is pinned and slide it to the right to open a menu of options.
  4. Press the option to unpin the chat and that’s it.

From the web version

In the same way as you set the chat on your WhatsApp Web reflection of your application, you will proceed to unset it, that is, you must select the conversation that you have set at the top and on the right side of this you will see the arrow to display options, select unset chat and you’ll be ready to set up a new chat, up to a total of three. Immediately this action carried out on your WhatsApp Web will manifest itself on your phone as it is a reflection of it.